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They should be fairly long so I'll just repeat this sentence.









They should be fairly long so I'll just repeat this sentence.

Welcome To - Site Under Construction

What do we do here at Well, there is really no we. It is I, Michael Foster.

In a nutshell, I provide remote enterprise software engineering and database solutions - specializing in Oracle database solutions overall. I solve complex Oracle problems long term and very quick fixes alike. From very large projects to smaller mission critical issues.

And yes, I can and will work on site at any appropriate time that the Client deems necessary - with some limitations.

For example, you have a fairly complex legacy system that needs updating SOON but don't have the time, can't find the legacy skill set, and don't want to spend alot of money. Bring me in, I can usually design and implement if you want a solution that will cost a fraction of fixing the legacy system.

Or you have a system that is bogged down at certain times, maybe mission critical times. Could be as simple as tuning a small set of SQL statements with Oracle's SQL Profiles. That kind of thing can by very serious, impacting operations etc. but, turn out to be an easy quick solution in the hands of someone with serious Oracle tuning experience..

It is normal for me to work the Client's site until such a time that I have all the information I need to productively solve your problems. Sometimes / quite often I've addressed the issues before I leave for the initial on-site consultation. Job done.

Other times, Clients using me on an on-going basis after we have established a strong repoir.

How can I address such a broad and deep range of solutions?

I maintain a small list of Clients that need a very skilled and experienced Oracle Architect, Developer or DBA. And I have 28 years of Oracle Development and DBA experience combined with 7 Oracle OCP and Linux Admin certifications. You can see much more detail about my experience and academic training under the DBDude's Experience page.

One stop shopping

You can most likely find very experienced help here at a reasonable price if an Oracle product is involved in your task, project or issue.

New Corporate Client Specials - Pricing

First Four Hours - New Clients

First four hours spent remotely (from my office) working with NEW Corporate Client's, will be billed at $50/hour with a minumum of 4 hours.

Oracle EBS (Enterprise Business Suite) R12 Only

While I have significant experience with EBS R11 (about 3 years) it is not recent. I do have 20 years with the EBS R11 and R12 Technical stack. I would be willing to accept contract opportunites that are EBS R12 for a reduced rate of $60/hr plus any on-site related expenses - for a period of up to three months.

Given my past experience with R11 as an Apps DBA; all the years of related vertical market experience; and 20 years experience with Administration of and Development using the same technical stack (Web Logic; Oracle Apps Server; Oracle Forms; PL/SQL; Apex; SQL; etc.) I would hit the ground running with focus, experience and a hard work ethic.

Standard Pricing For My Time

After the initial four hours for new Clients, the rate for my remote time is a reasonable $100/hour for my experience.

Onsite work can be preformed for short durations 30 days or so $125/hour plus expenses. I am currently only accepting US Corporations, and or LLCs as Clients.

SQL Snippets
Views Of Fact Joined To Dimensions
Function Based Indexes
DBA Type Queries
Oracle High Availability
Data Guard Implementation
Streams To Play A Subset
Infrastructure Tuning
Oracle SGA/PGA Tuning
Oracle SQL Tuning
Oracle Enterprise Mgr - Far From Perfect But, Quite Useful Sometimes